Balò Malaysia
By Julie Das Follow | Public

BALO is a Children's Educational Charity in Kolkata, India
Run by the local community, for the local community, it provides free education, medical care and nutritious food to the 120 children under its care. BALO was established with the objective that these children move beyond their desperate slum conditions to a more secure future.
Essentially BALO is an 'after school tuition centre' to help the children with their homework, ensuring continuity with morning school. Returning home after school for many children is not a happy experience. Some parents are beggars or rickshaw pullers who barely have enough money to eat twice a day. Their shelter is also not adapted for learning.
Sponsoring a child is a meaningful way to contribute. On an annual basis, 1000 ringgit will ensure one of BALO’s children continues to study in an English medium school, attends regular health check ups and receives balanced meals daily.
BALO is a safe and transparent organisation where the money goes directly to provide a better future for the children.
For more information about BALO, you may log on to (or on FB: BALO Malaysia)